Off-White x Nike Dunk Low "The 20" will be officially released in the fall of 2021

<a href="">New Jordan 2020</a>, Virgil Abloh Off-White x Nike "The 20" series, which has been rumored earlier, has excited countless shoe fans. Recently, the latest news has been exposed. It turns out that the "The 20" series is a joint name of 20 pairs of Dunk Low! The same design, with 20 color combinations, this wave is really "sincere". Everyone can wear OW x Nike Dunk. Is it just around the corner? At present, the series has not yet exposed more information, only the renderings have been released. Judging from the renderings, in addition to the iconic deconstructed design of OW, the highlight of these shoes is the upper material, blingbling, and unparalleled luxury. It is reported that it will be officially released in the fall of 2021, and players who like it will pay attention to it.
<a href="">Retro Jordan 2021</a>, Recently, news about the joint name of Travis Scott can be said to be constant. The latest photos of TS x Lightning x AJ 1 have just been released a few days ago. Recently, the latest photos of the joint new color scheme of TS x AJ 6 have been exposed on the Internet. They are all blockbuster joint names. Let's take a look at this. This shoe still has a dark retro style. It uses suede and suede material stitching and has a high-quality texture. The appearance of the shoes is biased towards rhubarb boots, and the TS iconic detail injection and the blessing of bilateral small pockets bring a sense of trendy function to the whole. More details have not yet been revealed. If you like it, pay close attention to it, and it will appear soon.
<a href="">Cheap Jordans UK</a>, The Nike Dunk Low “Lemon Drop” color scheme, which has attracted a lot of attention, has been exposed earlier, and the latest physical pictures have been released recently. This color matching uses white and beige leather stitching, with lemon yellow special texture leather Swoosh, the visual effect is fresh. The finishing touch is the lemon embroidery on the heel, which is exquisite and cute, directly hitting the design theme. It is reported that this color scheme will be released this year, so players who like it will continue to pay attention.
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