ip pbx products for sale

ip pbx products for sale

A Private Branch Exchange (or PBX) is the system that has controlled business communications for decades. It allows companies to use fewer individual phone lines to connect employees with customers by utilizing extensions rather than numerous hard-wired connections.

PBX systems provide powerful communications, productivity and reporting capabilities that are needed to run a successful company.

IP PBX systems work much the same way as their traditional counterparts, but with fewer actual pieces of hardware… and far fewer cords… and they use the internet instead of hard-wired phone lines to send phone calls as data through the Internet.

By relying on Internet-based technology, IP PBX systems offer standard features to businesses that amount to major advances on older technology. Voicemail, fax, unified messaging, teleconferencing, contact center capabilities, mobile accessibility and much more can be easily set up and utilized through an IP PBX.

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[url=http://en.newrocktech.com/show/852.html]OM50G (<50)[/url]
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