Need help picking OS for Macbook3.1 Core 2 2ghz1GB

Hello all...I have a old Macbook 3.1, Intel Core 2 Duo | 2 GHz | 1GB RAM. It's running 10.5.8, but using Safari is nearly impossible and the installation of any new apps is a harrowing ordeal finding old versions and often impossible. I see contradictory opinions on what OS X is best to use. It would be cool if I could use some Hackintosh style software as the OS. I have downloaded 2 different OS so far. OS X Server 10.6 and
Mac Os X (iATKOS) Hackingtosh By KuntalSingh.iso
I'm not sure if either one is appropriate I haven't tried installing either of them I am a PC guy and have never had to install OS X before. What would you guys recommend as the best way to go about using this Macbook as far as the operating system that would allow me to utilize actual useful software titles, like a working browser. I really just want a Web browser that will actually work in 2020. I rwant to use it for wordpress postings, generic browsing, not much more.

Thanks so much for your advice!


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