Ulysse Nardin Perpetual Calendars Black Toro 326-03-3 Replica Watch

URWERK UR-111C two colors

The new UR-100C model (now a two-color black PVD, brushed steel and torn profile box) is also a pioneer model. There is no doubt that as a member of the "Special Items" series, this model is an indicator of the change in hours since URWERK's reputation was established, and it is one of the boldest watches on the high-end watch market. https://www.chrono36.com

UR-111C has three key advantages. First, it displays the minutes linearly in reverse, as well as the style and assembly of the pilot's watch. It is a derivative of the mechanism invented for UR-CC1. Plus invention. In this case, the numbers are arranged diagonally at 30 ° for readability. This means that the rotating cylinder with the minute indicator on it must rotate 300 degrees relative to the axis, that is, through its coil spring. After reaching 60 minutes, the spring is released, the spring sends the indicator to 60 degrees, and then returns to the starting position. At the same time, the hour indicator will jump on your left. This produces a pleasing optical effect that the cylinder can rotate smoothly and tirelessly. https://www.chronowrist.ru
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