Two requirements for selecting water ring vacuum pump

Two requirements for selecting water ring vacuum pump

What should be paid attention to when selecting the imported water ring vacuum pump. The type of imported water ring vacuum pump is mainly determined by the air volume, vacuum degree or exhaust pressure required for operation. When the pump works, the following two aspects should be paid attention to:

1. As far as possible, it is required to operate in the high efficiency area, that is, in the area of critical vacuum degree or critical exhaust pressure.

2. Operation near the maximum vacuum or exhaust pressure shall be avoided. In this area, not only the efficiency is very low, but also the work is very unstable, easy to produce vibration and noise. For the imported vacuum pump with high vacuum degree, cavitation often occurs when it operates in this area. The obvious sign of this phenomenon is that there is noise and vibration in the pump. Cavitation will cause damage to pump body, impeller and other parts, so that the pump can not work.

According to the above principles, when the vacuum degree or gas pressure required by the pump is not high, it can be selected in the single-stage pump preferentially. If the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure is high, the single-stage pump is often unable to meet the requirements, or the pump is required to have a large amount of air under a high vacuum degree, that is, the performance curve is required to be relatively flat under a high vacuum degree, so the two-stage pump can be selected. If the vacuum degree is required to be more than - 710mmhg, water ring atmospheric pump or water ring roots vacuum unit can be selected as the vacuum pumping device.

If it is only used for imported vacuum pump, it is better to choose single acting pump. Because the structure of single acting pump is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, and it has good cavitation resistance under high vacuum. If it is only used for compressor with larger air volume, it is suitable to select double acting pump. Because of the large air volume, small volume and light weight of the double acting pump, the radial force can be automatically balanced, the shaft is not easy to produce fatigue fracture, and the service life of the pump is long.

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